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A. Taylor is a full service employment firm specializing in placing the market's most competitive candidates.  We employ a spectrum of recruiting techniques such as direct recruiting, e-resourcing, ad placement, job fairs and professional networking to identify and retain industry's most sought after talent.

A. Taylor has over 30 years of combined expertise and offers the advantage of proven search skills plus an in-depth database to react quickly to your hiring needs.  We have our finger on the pulse of business and can consistently offer the highest quality of personnel services to companies seeking highly talented professionals.

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A. Taylor specializes in placing candidates in the following industries:



Public Relations



Event Planning




Consumer Products

Human Resources



Bilingual Communications


Whether you are an employer in need of skilled personnel or an individual looking for a challenging career opportunity, A.Taylor can offer broad solutions to your personnel needs.

For Employers:

High Caliber Candidates
A recruiter who specializes in your industry will personally screen each candidate being considered for your position to ensure that they possess the skills and drive needed to excel in your business.  In addition, we will confirm references of any candidate of particular interest.  If your position requires specific computer skills, we will evaluate each candidate's abilities using our state of the art testing software.

Timely Follow Up
At A. Taylor, we appreciate the time constraints of your business, and will respond promptly to all of your hiring needs.  You will be kept up to date during all phases of the selection process and immediately made aware of any issues. In most instances, after receiving a requisition, we will immediately provide you with competitive candidates to interview.

Unyielding Commitment to Service Excellence
A. Taylor's
greatest offering is our promise to provide the highest level of customer service, not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations.  Our most valuable tools are the successful partnerships we form.  When working with one of our Consultants, you can expect nothing less than premier services and uncompromising ethics.

Competitive Fees
Our fees for full-time placements are competitive and based upon the specific requisition.  Please contact us for more information on our fees.


For Candidates:

Personal Attention
From your first meeting with an A. Taylor consultant, you will see that our focus is learning about your needs, your talents and ultimately placing you in a visible position where you can further your career.  Your representative will be much more than a "recruiter," but rather a H.R. Consultant who will work closely with you to enhance your development and assure that your best interests are supported.

Proven Recruiting Strategies
We utilize the most current recruiting methods to identify and retain the most competitive candidates, such as direct recruiting, e-sourcing, ad placement, job fairs and professional networking.  The companies we work with are leaders in their industries, offering unlimited growth opportunities for the right candidates.

Timely Follow Up
Throughout your search you will be kept up to date as to our progress in identifying a position for you.  Let us do your homework for you, in identifying and researching companies to assure a good match.  When you are selected for a position, we will represent your best interests in negotiating all of the job offer details.

Skills Development
At A. Taylor, we will work with you not only in identifying job opportunities, but also in developing the skills necessary to obtain a rewarding position where you can continue your career growth.  Our Consultants will assist you with putting your best foot forward with your resume, as well as provide assistance in developing your software, interviewing and job search skills.

"Talent Scout" Program
Our "Talent Scout" program offers candidates the opportunity to receive a prize or cash equivalent for referring other qualified candidates.  If your referral is placed with one of our clients and they meet the requirements of the program, you will receive an award! 

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A. Taylor's  temporary staffing division, A.T. Temps, can provide candidates with computer skills that go beyond the fundamentals, and are available for long and short term temporary assignments 24 hours/7 days a week.

As an added convenience for our clients, we are equipped to accept charge cards for payment through our Charge-A-TempTM program, which provides the following benefits:

Charge-A-TempTM bridges the cash flow gap, so that you can take on profitable projects and not have to worry about the manpower costs until the work is completed and billed for.
Departmental labor spending is more easily tracked through detailed monthly statements.
Smaller firms and individual practitioners need not worry about meeting the stringent credit requirements of some temporary placement firms.
All major credit cards accepted.

For more information on temporary employment, or to place a job order, please visit our Temporary Division's web site at www.attemps.com or contact one of our representatives.

A.T. Temps
275 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016
Tel. 212-213-5656   /   Fax. 212-213-5660

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Relocation, layoffs and terminations are often costly and delicate issues for both the employer and employee.  Once notified by the company of impending removals, A. Taylor arranges in-house interviews with the affected employees.  Timing is critical, so we work diligently to expose the employee to the outside market immediately giving them every opportunity for placement with another client.

Through our Outplacement Program, costly company expenses for unemployment or severance pay can be avoided.  Furthermore, an employee who realizes he/she has a reliable employment source to counsel them will usually give their best efforts up to the last day of their employment.

If you are interested in our Outplacement Services, please email info@a-taylor.com, or call one of our Consultants at 212-213-5600.

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Are you seeing candidates that don't come close to your skill requirements?

A. Taylor provides candidates that have been rigorously tested on all applicable computer software to ensure that their skills meet the requirements of your position.  Keeping current on the newest software suites enables us to test candidates on virtually all word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation and design programs.  Our secretarial skills testing, also measures speed typing, form typing, statistical typing and data entry skills.  Clerical tests include proofreading, spelling, mathematics and spelling skills.

Some of our clients require more unique types of tests.  For those instances, we have the flexibility to create custom assessments designed to test specific skill sets.  For all exams, time restrictions as well as skill levels can be adjusted.  At our client's request, we will forward copies of the candidate's proficiency scores.

A. Taylor cordially invites you to utilize our state of the art testing facilities.  Contact us at 212-213-5600 for a demonstration.

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